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Jaymin Soni

BI & Database Administrator/ Analyst

An Experienced IT professional with database administrator/analyst & Software Engineer skills who can bring a diverse skill set and creative drive to software application development.

Innovative experience in the full software development lifecycle from concept through delivery of next-generation applications and customizable solutions

Expert in advanced development methodologies, tools and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications.

Known for excellent troubleshooting skills – able to analyze code and engineer well-researched, cost-effective and responsive solutions

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ETL Data Conversion Specialist

  • ETL - SSIS
  • MSSQL - Data Conversion scripts

  • Completing data mapping for all master fields for all servicing transfer conversions.
  • Using various tools and processes, to complete data conversions from other software packages in a timely and accurate manner
  • Developing and maintaining internal and customer-facing conversion documentation –Data mapping, Data Validation etc.
  • Developing/testing/processing data conversion routines and verifying data integrity
  • Convert data from multiple data sources – MSSQL, MySQL, and Oracle into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Creating complex T-SQL scripts, as needed to facilitate conversion
  • Reconciling converted financial data to ensure conversion accuracy
  • Interpreting requirements and defining necessary system setups​​
  • Participating in Core Team meetings to provide status reports to and discuss potential client issues.
  • Traveling during data mapping/discovery sessions with US government Clients in North America.
  • Leading all projects independently including below aspects,
    • Data mapping/Discovery
    • Initial rollout refresh
    • Functional rollout refresh
    • ITC1 and ITC2 refresh
    • UAT refresh and support,
    • Go live and post live support

Database Administrator/ Analyst

  • BI Developer
  • Database Analyst - SSIS/SSRS

Database Administrator and analyst tasks (AWS RDS)

  • Deployed MYSQL databases on Amazon RDS.
  • Managing multiple MySQL databases on Amazon RDS and MSSQL database.
  • Developing and maintaining MYSQL (Application Database), MSSQL (SSRS Reporting Database), MYSQL (SSRS Reporting Database).
  • Managing noSQL data on Amazon Dynamo DB.
  • Setup backup, group policy and security on Amazon RDS account.
  • Created development, staging and live database server
  • Handling Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions via Code Repositories (GitHub with Source tree).
  • Indexing database tables and improving performance of database

Business Intelligence – SSIS/SSRS – MS SQL Server 2012 - Finance, Account and Sales Data Management Warehouse

  • Collecting company financial and sales data from different source of database and loading into Data warehouse for reporting purpose .
  • Building and maintaining SSIS ETL packages  to export and import data from flat files (csv, text),
  • Excel spreadsheet, MYSQL , and MSSQL  databases.
  • Scheduled and managed daily/weekly/monthly sales and operational SSRS reports  based on the business requirements.
  • Designing and developing stored procedures, queries and views necessary to support SSRS  reports
Project Working - Self Distribution portal development - JuiceBox  (PHP Laravel, MySQL, Amazon Dynamo DB)
  • Managing development, strategic and programming plan via AHA! project management tool
  • Designing database schema
  • Writing specification and documentation of new MySQL database changes
  • Writing and optimizing SQL queries  for developers as per requirements.
  • Designing and developing database structure and deploying to Amazon RDS
  • Writing scripts for mapping old data from old database to new database.

Software Engineer - Database Administrator

  • SDLC
  • Database Design - MSSQL & MYSQL
  • Development

  • Involved in all IT, technical and development projects.
  • Processed complex and high volume ETL processes
  • Installed and maintained databases.
  • Created back up copies of data.
  • Determined operation feasibility by collecting requirements, calculating analysis, solution development and proposed solutions.
  • Documented requirements and develop logical and physical specification.
  • Identify problems or improvements, implementations, and research technical information to design develop and test computer or mobile based systems.
  • Responsible for producing and designing a detailed data model of a database, including all necessary logical and physical design elements.
  • Documented and demonstrated solutions by developing database, process, network diagram, flow chart, layouts, relational diagrams.
  • Created a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project.
  • Defined the scope of the project in collaboration with Information manager.
  • Managed projects milestone and schedule project completion date.
  • Wrote scripts related to stored procedures and triggers
  • Managed and test backup and recovery plans.
  • Tested the product in controlled, real situation before going live.
  • Prepared training manuals for external and internal users.
  • Maintained the system once they are up and running.
  • Developed Procedure, functions, SSIS Package, Windows Batch File, Automated Data Extract Tools, etc
  • Built Compliance Reports Having FINTRACT Standards, Business Reports, Marketing Reports, etc.
  • Technologies: .NET Business intelligence, SQL Server R2, Post Grey SQL, PGPL-SQL language, Macros, SQL Server Job Agent, Task Scheduler, Batch Files, CSV Files and Excel

Web Developer & IT Support (Contract)

  • Web design
  • Development
  • IT Support

Web development – www.jeds.ca

  • Maintained and updated current website – jeds.ca
  • Designed, coded and modified website, from layout to function and according to requirements.
  • Managed, maintained, developed and deployed applications and databases in response to business needs
  • Regular maintenance of the website to ensure that information and linkages remain timely and accurate including the archiving of obsolete information and inputting of new/updated information.
Migrated company infrastructure to MS windows server 2008 R2
  • Migrated company infrastructure from windows 7 professional server to MS windows 2008 R2 server.
  • Installed, configured and setup server 2008 R2 with DNS.
  • Created DHCP and company forest.
  • Network Drive setup and created permission for each users and groups
  • Migrated each work station to new server from old server
  • Maintained 99.9% network reliability
  • Helped company to migrate from SAGE 50 to PCMX pro.
  • Established, tested and maintained server back-ups
  • Provided daily on going IT support
  • Attended meetings with hardware/software vendors as required


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